Ecology and Biodiversity of Aquatic Systems (RNM-300)

Coordinator: Dr. Francisco José Guerrero Ruiz(<fguerre [arroba] ujaen [punto] es)

Image banner about a lagoon, an amphibian sunset and a tadpole.

The research group focuses its research on the study of both marine and inland aquatic ecosystems of natural and artificial origin. A key objective for this group is succeeding in making our research useful for society.

Research lines:

  • Study of epicontinental aquatic systems.
  • Plankton structure and dynamic.
  • Aquatic ecotoxicology.
  • Environmental sustainability and education.
  • Evaluation of secondary production in zooplankton communities.
  • Energy physiology in ichthyoplankton.
  • Biodiversity of aquatic systems.
  • Microplanktonic food webs.

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