Seismic Risk and Active Tectonics (RNM-370)

Coordinator: Dr. José Antonio Peláez Montilla (japelaez [arroba] ujaen [punto] es)

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The research group "Seismic Risk and Active Tectonics " is specialized in the study of lithospheric tectonic processes, seismicity and the relationship between them, essentially, but not only, in the domain of the Baetic System, the Guadalquivir Depression and North Africa. Another line of specialization refers to the study of seismic hazard, including site effects based, among others, on current seismicity behavior, historical seismicity and archaeoseismicity.

Research lines:

  • Active tectonics
  • Seismotectonics
  • Seismic hazard
  • Historical seismicity and archaeoseismology
  • Site effect
  • Fractal behavior of seismicity

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