Servicios a empresas Laboratorio Solar





Solar Data Analysis

e.g. Python

Big data Performance analysis for utility scale power plants; Degradation studies; Techno-economic analysis of soiling and cleaning optimization strategies ; Spatial and Temporal variability of PV performance

Renewable Energy; PV sector

Soiling Studies

e.g. Soiling Chamber

Anti-soiling coatings testing; Artificial Soiling simulation

PV module manufacture; Solar Glass industry

Thermal Analysis

e.g. COMSOL Multiphyscics

Prediction of thermal behaviour in PV systems;

Modelling of PV cooling system;

PV module manufacture;

PV solar cell assembly

Thermal Characterization

IR lamps; Thermoelectric Heating/Cooling Station

Current, voltage and power temperature coefficients (IEC Standards 60891)

PV module manufacture;

PV solar cell assembly

Indoor testing

Multiflash Solar Simulator; Continuos Solar Simulator, laser light source

Current-voltage characterization at standard test conditions (STC); Spectral response measurement

PV module manufacture;

PV solar cell assembly, laser converters


Device Simulation

e.g. Silvaco TCAD

Design of solar cell architectures; Design of photovoltaic power converter architectures; Physical Study of solar cells; Physical Study of photovoltaic power converters; Optimisation of solar cells; Optimisation of photovoltaic power converters

CPV architectures; Solar cell design; Solar Energy

Data Analysis

e.g. Matlab

Data Analysis; Creation of small programs to evaluate electrical models; Creation of small programs to execute simulators as Silvaco TCAD;

Solar Energy

Design and engineering of photovoltaic systems

e.g. Phyton, PVGIS, Matlab, etc.

Design and performance evaluation of PV systems, including floating and agrivoltaics

Solar Energy