The Center for Advanced Studies in Earth Sciences, Energy and Environment (CEACTEMA) is a research structure created by the University of Jaén whose main objective is the advancement of knowledge, development and innovation in the field of earth sciences, energy, especially renewable energies, and their relationship with the environment. For this, the CEACTEMA is constituted as a group of researchers, resources and instrumental media that develop scientific and technological research of excellence as well as specialized teaching.

Specific aims are:

  • Promote scientific excellence, with the aim to reinforce and consolidate the scientific research framework and technological development in the field of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences.
  • Increase the researchers' abilities of the Institute and other interested persons through specific teacher education in own areas of the Institute.
  • Promote relations with other national and international institutions.
  • Increase the raising of external funds for research.
  • Contribute to progress and increase the competitiveness of the productive and industrial sector through the knowledge transfer.
  • Increase general knowledge for non-specialized public in science and technology activities.


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