Geological Processes and Resources (RNM-325)

Coordinator : Dr. Juan Jiménez Millán (jmillan [arroba] ujaen [punto] es)

Banner of some images related to the Geological Processes and Resources research group.

The "Geological Processes and Resources" (RNM-325) research group focuses on:

  • The application of the use of mineral resources for the development of new materials in ceramics, plastic, construction materials.
  • The characterization and remediation of the problems of deterioration of the historical heritage materials.
  • The identification and remediation of environmental problems related to the water cycle.

In basic research, it deals with the study of internal and external geological processes, with an effect on social issues (seismicity, desertification...)

Research lines:

  • Mineralogy and evolution of soils in incipient stages
  • Active tectonics and its influence on relief
  • Geomorphology - morphogenetic processes and associated risks
  • Modeling of geological and water resources
  • Cenozoic structure and tectonics of the western Mediterranean
  • Low-temperature petrogenetic processes
  • Study and conservation of artistic heritage materials
  • Mineralogical and technical study of industrial clays
  • Alteration of protosoil-generating silicate rocks
  • Advanced materials and polymer-clay nanocomposites